The Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America (IFCLA) was founded in St Louis 30 years ago when the Latin American region was submerged in political violence.  It aimed to educate the public about the struggles and heartbreak that Latin Americans faced in their daily lives.  The organization also took strides to improve U.S. and Latin American policies regarding the economic, political, and social systems that enabled the region’s turmoil.

Since then, IFCLA has focused on four main programs:  investment, immersion, intervention, and immigration.  Through these four areas it has become more and more evident that the region that was once considered “America’s backyard” has triumphantly moved into our homes.  The increasing fluidity of commodities, people, and traditions between the United States, Central America, and South America is changing the face and culture of St Louis.

Here at IFCLA we aspire to reveal the interconnectedness of our societies and to build relationships between St Louis and the people of Latin America.  IFCLA seeks to accompany the disenfranchised, stand in solidarity with immigrants and our neighbors across the border to continue the fight for a more just society.

Our work embodies abstract terms like ‘social justice,’ and manifests such ideals into concrete actions that change realities. This blog will be a collection of personal experiences and reflections on the work of IFCLA’s current and past interns, and those who live in the St. Louis community.  Through our writings, we will weave understanding into the changing patterns of St Louis and the nation as a whole.  Through our posts, we can begin a dialogue and encourage our readers to provide their own ideas and insight on ways that we ,as citizens, can be involved and get our voices heard.


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